Casablanca Ceiling Fan Light Kits – Casablanca Fans

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Light Kits – Casablanca Fans

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Light Kits

Do you want to add a Casablanca ceiling fan light kit to your existing ceiling fan?

If yes, you are at the right place. The light kits are able to add lighting and beauty to your ceiling fan. Casablanca ceiling fans lights kits are shaded down lighting options, globe lighting, and Tribeca lighting to fulfill your needs. People usually add light kits to their ceiling fans in order to add light in their room. In addition, it saves you from the trouble of getting a lamp and it also provides better light than a lamp.

Casablanca fans are compatible with light kits and you can also find Casablanca replacement light kits for you as well. There is a variety of options to select from.

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Contemporary Light Kits

Casablanca light kits can add brightness to your room and it will also update the look of your fan. Light kits of this company are easy to install and it does not require additional wiring. In addition, the size also does not matter whether you need contemporary or traditional kits. They are replete with finishes and styles to add beauty to your home décor. You can choose light kits for indoor as well as for outdoor ceiling fans.

Benefits of Ceiling Fan Light Kits

The light kit will increase the amount of light without using any additional lamp. Casablanca ceiling fan light kits can give enough lighting to your room. In addition, they are also available with remotes and light dimmers to control the direction and rotation of the fan.

Casablanca Fan Light Kits Selection

The selection of a light kit for your ceiling fan is an easy task when you have a lot of options. It includes branched and stemmed kits which have many shades and bulbs to point. Before you get the light kit for your fan, you need to know the size of your fan to select the right light kit. The mounted position of the fan needs to be considered too.

8 thoughts on “Casablanca Ceiling Fan Light Kits – Casablanca Fans

  1. I am looking for a 4 bulb brushed nickel light kit for a Holliston Model C31UxxC fan. I tried to chang a bulb in the unit I have and the ceramic bulb holder broke loose from the light kit housing and now dangles by 2 wires. Love the fan Still works fine

  2. On my five blade Casablanca fan the cushions need to be replaced. Where can I get 15 replacement cushions?

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