How to Find Casablanca Fan Model Number – Serial Number

People search for this question “How to Locate Your Casablanca Fan serial number” or “How to find Casablanca Fan Model Number” all over the internet. These questions arise in the minds when you need help and the customer service representative will ask for the model number to solve your problem.

All Casablanca ceiling fans designed within the previous 2 years, the model or serial number can be found on the top of the fan body.

If your ceiling fan is older then you may find it on the bottom cap / bottom housing of the fan motor unit.

Casablanca fan model numbers are available in stamped or engraved shape. The serial number consists of 2 letters followed by 6 numbers. Furthermore, it is followed by one of the following letters that is, D-T-R-V.

After finding the number, you can also determine the warranty of your fan.

Still, having trouble finding the model number of your fan?

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