Casablanca Fan Switch Wall Control Guide

Casablanca Fan Switch Wall Control Guide

Casablanca Fan Switch Wall Control Guide

Ceiling fan controls have evolved over the years, they changed from pull chains to clickable tools with basic functions to wall controls equipped with smart features that boost your home safety and also reduce energy use. We have a video in this post on Casablanca Inteli-Touch wall control installation that you can follow easily, whether you are a ceiling fan newbie or an expert.

While the Inteli-Touch is now discontinued, this article is still useful for you to install their replacement parts including Casablanca 99195. Casablanca company is owned by Hunter fan company, so they have merged their items and getting adaptable with one another.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan Wall Controls

Follow the steps below:

Installation Video Tutorial

Things Required

  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire Connectors
  • Phillip-head screwdriver


In this video, a Casablanca Inteli-Touch wall control is used. The Casablanca Inteli-Touch manages six fan speeds, including forward and reverse direction, along with its light dimmer to enable you enjoy the lighting experience.

Unfortunately, the intelitouch wall control is not available for now. Many Casablanca ceiling fans including stealth fan used to have this wall control, but now they are being sent along with a 4-speed wall control. You can install this wall control easily onto your existing switch box similar to Intelitouch. The below steps on installation are given for Casablanca 99195 or Hunter 99735.

Steps to Install a 4-Speed Wall Control

Before installing the Casablanca wall control, you have to switch off the circuit breaker box and wall switch. After that, follow the steps below to go through the control installation:

Download PDF Installation Guide

Installing The Batteries

  1. Slide the battery door up.
  2. Change the two AAA batteries.

Installing The Wall Plate Bracket

  • Snap the wall control into the wall plate bracket. The lip of the bracket should be facing outward for proper installation.

Wiring The Wall Control

  1. Join the green grounding wire from the wall control to the green ground control from the switch box with the help of available wire nuts.
  2. Use the given wire nuts to connect the “LIVE IN” from the switch box to the “-Vac” (black wire with white stripe) from the wall control.
  3. Use the given wire nuts to connect the “LIVE OUT” from the switch box to the “FAN” (solid black wire) out from the wall control.
  4. All wires should be pushed into the switch box.

Installing the Wall Control & Wall Plate

  1. Use the given two long screws to secure the wall control.
  2. Push the wall plate onto the wall plate bracket. The wall plate should be snapped.

Pairing the Wall Control to the Receiver

  1. Switch on the power.
  2. Use the pull-chain switch of the unit to set the fan speed to the HIGH position before starting.
  • LONG PRESS the Fan and Light buttons together within 3 minutes of reinstating the current to the fan to pair the remote to your Casablanca receiver.
  • To know how to use your wall control, use the included remote function card for reference

After the completion of installation, if you think that the wall control operations are reversed (as the light button is controlling the fan and the fan button is managing the lights), switch off the power from your circuit breaker and change the two black wires. This control will be supported with ceiling fans without lights or Casablanca fans with lights.

To increase the life of a Casablanca ceiling fan, you should not use more than one ceiling fan per wall control, do not try to attach any other devices to the circuit managed by the ceiling fan wall control.

Note: If you have an older Casablanca fan model with pull chains, but the model number does not start with a “5”, you need to contact Casablanca for assistance with wall or remote control options. Casablanca models that contain a “5” are compatible with wall control model 99195.

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  1. I have purchased Hunter Dempsey Low Profile 44″, model 59244, and wall control model 99195. In wall controll install instructions, Step #1 indicates to set pull chains for fan speed to HIGH, and Light to ON
    Dempsey Fan does NOT have pull chains. What, if any, other precautuons should be taken to install wall control

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