Casablanca Fans Replacement Glass – Casablanca Accessories

Casablanca Fans Replacement Glass – Casablanca Accessories

What is a Casablanca Ceiling Fan Replacement Glass Globe?

A glass globe is a part or cover that covers that light available in the light kit. It is like a lamp shade that pays attention to the lighting fixture in a special manner. People start searching for Casablanca Fans replacement glass globes, when the globe falls while changing the bulb and it smashes on the floor. It is the best practice to remove the globe and put it on the table. In addition, do not leave the glass globe in an uneven surface otherwise, it will fall on the floor and the result will be the same. Do not try to change the bulb before you put the glass in a safe place.

Once this part of the ceiling fan is broken, you cannot put it back together with the help of glue to fix it. You need to replace the part and you can find it at Hunter’s or Home Depot by contacting them. You can also contact the customer support of Casablanca fans to get it.

A piece of advice: do not try to glue the glass globe if it is broken. It may be a wild goose chase to find a glass globe but we do not suggest piece the globe back together. If you do that it is to be expected that it will fall apart again. As you know small pieces of glass are not safe. When it is fallen apart on the floor, clean the floor with the help of a vacuum or use a broom.

If you have children or pets, you certainly do not want them to hit by glass. Small children have the habit of putting the things in their mouths so they can pick the glass and put it in the mouth.

Get Help While Replacing a Casablanca Fan Glass Globe

We do not recommend that you change this part on your own – get help. One can do that if he gets an extra pair of hands to hold it. Take the help of your wife/husband, mother, father, roommate, or any other friend who can help you in this endeavor. It often happens, you need helping hands to hold the glass globe so you can unhook it from the screws. To unscrew them, you need a screwdriver too. So do not perform this task until you get help or extra hand so it can save the globe from hitting the floor.

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