Casablanca Fan Remote

Casablanca Fan Remote

Casablanca Fan Remote

Are you searching for a Casablanca ceiling fan remote or wall switch?

If yes, you are at the right place.

Whether you want to update your remote or need a replacement for it. Casablanca ceiling fans are replete with options for you. It includes both handheld remote and wall controls. They test the control systems of Casablanca in house to assure the quality, additionally, their in-house design has a classic, clean and sleek design.

Casablanca fan remote is one of the main Casablanca replacement parts. You can check our post on Casablanca light kits and fan blades. By purchasing new fan parts, you can customize as well as change the design of your ceiling fan.

Casablanca ceiling fan remote control can help you to pair with their ceiling fans with ease. This part allows you to turn on or off the fan whenever you want. In addition, you can also maintain the breeze according to your needs by using a button. The user can also adjust the direction of fan to give ideal air and this remote can also dim the lighting.

There are two types of Casablanca ceiling fan controls:

  • Handheld Remotes
  • Universal Wall Controls

1: Handheld Remote:

Handheld remote is easy to use and you can adjust the speed and lighting with a click of a button. They are featured in modern, sleek aesthetic with excellent craftsmanship you need from this brand.

2: Universal Wall Controls:

It has the light dimming abilities with 4-speed fan control and they are universal remotes. They have seamless look and high end construction. In addition, these damp rated controls are safe for outside as well as for inside use.

Casablanca Universal Handheld Remote and Receiver

Now, Casablanca brand is offering ceiling fan remotes that contain light dimming and speed setting capabilities with advanced features. It has CFL auto detect function which can sense automatically and stops the light dimming feature.

Casablanca remote controls come with a one-year limited warranty for the sake of quality assurance. So you have enough options to choose with this brand.

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casablanca fan remote

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Top Rated Casablanca Fan Remote Control Replacement

  • Casablanca Handheld remote 99198
  • Universal handheld remote and receiver 99019

Casablanca Fan Remote Battery

People usually ask what kind of battery is used in Casablanca remote system. It is a brand of hunter fans and hunter uses remote control of CR2032. In Casablanca brand, they use AAA control systems or 9V batteries which you can get from any local retailer.

How to Reset Casablanca Fan Remote

Here are the instructions you need to follow to reset your Casablanca remote control:

  • Kill the power of the fan (5 minutes)
  • When you power on the fan, you will have 20 seconds to perform this process. Turn the power on and count to five, get your handheld remote.
  • Now, press high, medium and low buttons in this order and do not rush to press those buttons.
  • After pressing the buttons, count to five, the fan should be operational now.

That is it. Now you will be able to use your light, dimming option, and can also control the speed of the fan.

Still, the remote control is not working?

You need to find the model number of your fan and call @ 1-888-227-2178 for troubleshooting.

Casablanca Fan Remote App

Casablanca ceiling fans contain different controls systems including handheld remote and wall controls but currently, they do not offer Casablanca remote app.

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