How To Pair Hunter Fan Remote: Programming & Pairing

How To Pair Hunter Fan Remote: Programming & Pairing

Hunter Ceiling fans are very reliable and energy efficient which are available with remote controls that need pairing to the receiver. All new Hunter fans are already programmed when they come out of box. However, if you do not know the instructions on pairing your remote or you have not done it before or there is a problem with the programming process then this article will be helpful for you to find the instructions and it is available in a step by step process with programming and pairing your Hunter fan remote.

To pair a Hunter Fan remote, the first step is to turn off the circuit breaker or wall switch to turn off the power to the fan and leave it off for at least 10 seconds before turning it back on again. Press and release the pair button from the remote within three minutes of turning on the fan’s power. A beep sound will confirm the successful programming.

This is the basic process but we will still discuss the process in more detail to cover up different situations that need a different approach including:

  1. You have lost a remote and need to pair a new one.
  2. If you are pairing and programming a remote that has no pair button
  3. Pairing a remote without dip switches or pair button and more

When you buy a brand new Hunter ceiling fan, you will not have to program your remote. The reason behind it is that the remote and receiver are already programmed for you. However, if you have lost your remote or using multiple ceiling fans or remotes that are interfering with one another then you need to reset your Hunter fan remote and pair each one of them.

Lets have a look at the remote that has a pairing button.

Pair and Program Hunter Fan Remote Step by Step

You need to follow these steps to pair your remote with your receiver:

  1. On the reverse side of the remote, remove the battery door to expose the pair button.
  2. Follow these steps to cycle the power to the fan:
    1. Turn off the power to the fan by using the circuit breaker or wall switch
    2. You need to leave the power off for at least of 10 seconds.
    3. Turn on the power again using the circuit breaker or wall switch.
  3. Press and then release the pair button from the remote but don’t hold it. This step should be performed within 3 minutes of turning on the power to the fan. As a result, you will hear a beep and on some remotes a flashing blue light in order to confirm that the programming was successful.

NOTE: Hunter’s remote control pairing function can be used for both reasons whether it is to UNPAIR or PAIR the controls. It means that this step can unpair the hunter remote and vice versa if the remote transmitter and the receiver were previously paired. If your Hunter fan model does not have a pairing button then these steps are for you to follow.

How To Pair Your Hunter Fan Remote If It Does Not Have A Pairing Button

Please Note Before changing the dip switch settings on your receiver, you need to ensure that the power to the fan and light kit is disconnected. Turn off circuit breaker by moving it to OFF position and also turn off the wall switch. We are not responsible for following these instructions. If you are not confident about it then please get help from a qualified electrician.

Change the default DIP switch settings to make it compatible with your own unique code.

how to pair hunter fan remote 1
Figure 1. Hunter Fan Remote Dip Switch Settings (Transmitter and receiver)

The DIP switches are found under the battery compartment of Hunter Fan remote and are also available on the flat side of the receiver. You can check the Figure 1 above.

  1. When you are changing the DIP switch settings the first step is to remove the battery from the remote and switch off power to the fan.
  2. You have to make sure that the DIP switch settings on the remote transmitter and receiver are same. If they are not matched then the Hunter ceiling fan will not work.
  3. You have to make the DIP switch combination on your ceiling fan’s receiver and transmitter unique from the DIP switch settings used on any other ceiling fans as well as any other receivers and transmitters in your home including garage door openers, entertainment equipment and so on.
  4. After setting the DIP switch settings on the remote to match the combination ON / OFF Dip Switch settings on the receiver, you need to install one 12 volt alkaline battery inside the Hunter Fan hand-held transmitter. Please check out Figure 1 above.

If your Hunter fan remote is without pair button and DIP switches, you will have to follow the given steps below. You might also want to read our article on Hunter Fan Remote Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide or watch the video below.

How To Pair Your Hunter Fan Remote If It Does Not Have A Pairing Button and No Dip Switches

The given steps will help you on how to fix a Hunter fan that is programmed with 2 remotes on the same frequency and interfering with another fan that is near to it when you have no Dip switches or pairing button. Here is a picture of the remote that you can use to follow the next step.

how to pair hunter fan remote no dip switches
Hunter Fan Remote Pairing With No Dip Switches & No Pairing Button

If your Hunter fan remote has only one frequency, you will be without Dip switches. Since this remote comes with 12 memory slots you will have to fill all of these slots in order to prevent the remote from interfering with other nearby ceiling fans.

The main reason behind it is that these Hunter fans come with 12 memory slots to allow you to program it with up to 12 remotes. To program your remote, follow these steps:

  1. Go to circuit breaker switch to power off the fan.
  2. Turn on the power again from the circuit breaker switch to restore power to the fan.
  3. You need to hold down the 0 and 3 buttons simultaneously for 4 seconds within 3 minutes of restoring power.
  4. A blue light on your remote control will flash and the fan will start to move slowly confirming successful pairing.
  5. Repeat 1-4 steps for 12 times to fill up all the memory slots.

If you have another Hunter fan with the same remote then you need to use the same process discussed above in order to fill its 12 memory slots to make sure that both ceiling fans and remotes work with only one fan and will not interfere with other model.

Here is a link that you can use to download guide on How to Properly Install Multiple Remote-Controlled Fans

How To Program a ‘2’ Series Hunter Fan Model

Here is a step by step guide on pairing a ‘2’ series Hunter Fan with the remote. Most of the Hunter brand fans that were made since 2016 are known as ‘5’ Series Fans, while the older models are known as the ‘2’ Series Fans.  If you want to locate the model number on your fan, you need to read this article here: How To Find Hunter Fan Model Number – Hunter Fan Replacement Parts

  1. Always turn off the power from the circuit breaker or wall switch before proceeding.
  2. Open the battery compartment on the back of the remote by sliding it and remove the batteries.
  3. Change the Dip switches on the transmitter as well as on the remote receiver to make sure they are same (only for those receivers that contain Dip switches).
  4. Switch on the power to the fan again and after that, install the batteries again to the remote.
  5. At the same time, you need to press and release the three buttons including HIGH (3), MEDIUM (2), and LOW (1) on the remote control. You need to complete this step within 30 seconds of restoring power to the fan.
  6. Lastly, it is time to check that your fan has successfully paired to the remote by using the remote to turn on or off the lights on the fan.

How To Pair a ‘5’ Series Model Hunter Fan 

Pairing 5 series hunter fan remote
Pairing a ‘5’ Series Model Hunter Fan 
Remote Model Numbers: 99371/k6017, k532401000, k5323, 99116/k140302000, 99110/K113101000, 99122/99123/k0474010000, and 99199/99127/k047101000
  1. First of all, you need to switch off the power to your fan for at least 10 seconds with the wall switch. This step is to make sure that the receiver gets enough time to power down. Turn on the power again.
  2. On the Remote control transmitter, you need to press and hold both the ‘FAN’ button and the ‘SPEED 3’ button for 4 or more seconds. This process must be completed within 3 minutes of restoring the power to the fan.
  3. If you have unpaired your Hunter Fan Remote previously, it will pair the remote and receiver now. The fan will move at low speed and the remote light will blink thrice and remain on.
  4. If you have paired your remote and receiver previously, it will unpair the remote and receiver now. If the fan is running, it will turn off. Then the remote light will blink 2 times and turn off.

Syncing a Hunter Fan Remote 5xxxx Series Models
Hunter Fan Remote Pairing Pill Control 5 series
Programming Hunter Fan Remote Pill Control 5xxxx Series
Remote Model Numbers: k626601000/k626602000, 99372/k6019, k5579010000, and 99198/k6266-03
  1. Use the wall switch to switch off the power to your fan for 5 to 10 seconds, and then turn it back on.
  2. Quickly press and release the ‘PAIR’ button within three minutes of restoring power to the fan available on the back of the remote transmitter.
  3. If the remote and ceiling fan were previously unprogrammed, it will program the remote and receiver. The Fan Remote Light will blink 3 times and remain on. The fan will start running at a low speed.
  4. If the fan and remote were previously programmed, the remote and receiver will now be unprogrammed. If the fan is running, it will be turned off. The light on the fan remote will blink 2 times and turn off.

NOTE: If the pairing of the Fan Remote and Receiver is not successful, turn off the power to your ceiling fan at the wall switch, wait for at least one minute, and then try again.

You can download a guide on using multiple fans and remotes here: How to Properly Install Multiple Remote-Controlled Fans Guide

Universal Hunter Ceiling Fan Remotes

If you have misplaced your Hunter Fan Remote, using a Universal Hunter Fan Remote is a convenient solution to operate your ceiling fan.

Follow the steps in this article to program your universal remote with your Hunter Ceiling Fan. If you’re searching for a Hunter Universal Remote that is compatible with most Hunter Ceiling Fans, check out this recommendation of Universal Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote.

What Is The Distance Range For A Hunter Fan Remote?

The distance range for a Hunter Fan Remote typically ranges from 6 meters to 12 meters (20 feet to 40 feet). Some models can reach a distance of up to 30 meters or 100 feet. Obstacles like walls and doors can reduce the remote’s effective range. If you encounter difficulty controlling your ceiling fan, try moving closer to it.

Final Words

Pairing your Hunter Fan Remote with the Ceiling Fan Receiver is straightforward and helpful if you want to get a new Hunter fan remote for your fan. Whatever the situation is, whether you want to program one remote to multiple fans or the fan to different remotes, the steps above in this guide will help you.

To get more help to fix your remote control, you need to read our article: Hunter Fan Remote Not Working where we have solved a lot of problems you might be facing with your Hunter fan remote.

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