Casablanca Fan Troubleshooting

Casablanca Fan Troubleshooting

Casablanca ceiling fan company had been in business since 1974 and grew instantly as a manufacturer during the energy crisis in mid-seventies. The brand provides cross laminated blades along with six layers of wood, finished with furniture grade wood veneer. In addition, it also has motor housings of die cast and steel build-up.

Casablanca Ceiling Fans Problems

  • Ceiling Fan is not Working or Start
  • Fan is wobbling or shaking excessively
  • The fan is making noise while operating
  • Ceiling fan is unable to run at slow speed
  • Light is too dim
  • Remote control is not working correctly

We shall troubleshoot these problems one by one.

First of all, check the tightness of the screws using a screwdriver and tighten them.

1: Ceiling Fan is not working or start

  • Firstly, check the main circuit breakers, circuit fuses and wall switch position. Turn off the power to do this inspection and also check the wire connections.
  • In addition, check the connection of the pin connectors as they may not making good contact.
  • Now, check the fan receiver, it may be possible that it is defective so replace it.
  • Check the frequency settings.
  • Replace the batteries of remote control if your fan won’t start.

2: Fan is Wobbling or Shaking

  • Make sure that the canopy pin is properly set into the slot of the ball.
  • Check the balance of the blades, blade holders are not bent while installation.
  • Make sure that hanger bracket is tightly affixed with the ceiling outlet box.
  • Now, check that downrod is assembled correctly and all the screws are tightened.
  • Check the glass shade screws, lighting fixture screws and light bulb and tight them.
  • Check all the screws in the motor housing are tight and do not over tight them.

3: Fan is Making Noise While Operating

  • Firstly, check the glass shade screws, lighting fixture screws and light bulbs and tight them.
  • Tighten canopy screws.
  • Ensure that all screws in the motor housing are tightened and tighten them as necessary.
  • Tight the blade holders to flywheel and blades to the bladeholder screws.
  • Replace the defective bulb.

4: Ceiling Fan is not working at Low Speed

If you are running the fan at a slow speed using a remote and it won’t run at a slow speed allow the fan to break-in.

5: Light Problems

Fan is working fine but no light: It means that either you have a defective receiver or defective motor or broken socket so replace them.

Fan and light on full, unable to control: It happens due to the defective receiver, replace it.

Fan is ok but light is not dim: It happens due to the defective receiver, replace it.

6: Fan Starts working itself

It is happening due to frequency interference; change the frequency.

7: Casablanca Remote Control Troubleshooting

  • Check the batteries and replace them.
  • Check the light of remote control whether it is turning on or not.
  • Use alkaline batteries for ideal battery life. Replace the current batteries with alkaline batteries.

8: Casablanca Fans Control Switches Troubleshooting

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22 thoughts on “Casablanca Fan Troubleshooting

  1. switch quit working. I installed 3 new switches and they burnt up the instant that I turned on the power.

    Slumber Three Delta II Ser # lWO1468 Another # LR58835

  2. My lovely Casablanca light and fan – only the fan works… and only on high speed. Oh, and now its developed a sort of rhythmic beat.. No light. No low speed.. no matter.. the switch doesn’t seem to be ‘clicking’.. How do I fix this problem – call an electrician? Is it an interior problem in the fan that an electrician cannot fix and would then I have to buy a replacement fixture.?

  3. My light went out instantly yesterday afternoon and the fan will not operate at all either now. When I flip the power switch on the wall on I can hear the beep coming from the fan so I know electricity is up there. But the fan will not operate nor will the light turn on. I have replaced the batteries in the remote control. Any suggestions on troubleshooting this? Is there a reset button somewhere that I can push?

  4. Does a Casablanca Panama fan need oil? Mine is 20 years old and the grinding noise seems to be coming from the motor.

  5. I have a 2015 whittman model fan, My fan turns on but is not responding to control input. I have replaced the receiver on the fan, but still have no control on lights or fan speed. Lights are on and fan is on high.

  6. I have a Casablanca wisp fan model # 59150. The fan and light worked fine when I installed it approximately 4 months ago. Now the light about every 10 minutes turns off and then back on. What could be causing this problem?

  7. For the past couple nights our fan above our bed turns itself off in the middle of the night. I hear the beep just as if I had turned if off from the wall switch. Any ideas on what might be causing this?

  8. Our Casablanca fan works only on high speed, when go to lowest speed it starts then shuts down. it works on the high speed, we use the lowest speed.
    what can you tell us how to remedy this so able use slow speed, or do we need to get a new FAN, Yes the fan has a single light and that works great with wall switch.
    appreciate any help can give us. Thank You Jack “Q”

  9. I have two fan units in adjoining rooms separated by a wall. Each unit has it own fan control. Recently, both fans react to either control, so if I turn on room A, room B starts running. How do I isolate the transmitters. This is a new problem for fans that have been running independently for several years.

  10. I have a Casablanca Panama 5 ceiling fan, serial #DV21291,then below that is #12002T,my wall switch top button stuck in ,I found 2 used ones on ebay. After replacing the switch, I did the relearn procedure, cut power, turn breaker on, push fan,light,fan,light,fan & fan & light worked fine for 4 months, now if I turn on power button, there’s a hum from fan unit, light or fan is inoperative.

  11. Both Casablanca ceiling fans stopped working with no light or no fan. I checked the circuit break and it is switched on.

  12. I have W32 wall switch. Both fan and light work fine. Problem is light comes on by itself after an hour when fan is in operation.

  13. I bought a generic speed controller and wireless remote online, but neither will work on my Casablanca fans. It won’t even work if the supplied switch h=is bypassed with direct power. Is there a reason I must use the Casablanca switch?

  14. I have a Casablanca model Trident TRIH-45 that stopped working! I changed the batteries for the remote and replaced the bulb but no luck! How do I access the receiver?

  15. Troubleshooting problem. Need to speak with Casablanca Fan tech support representative. Please provide PH #. Thx

  16. I am installing a 99103 light kit on a Casablanca 6645G fan. The light kit will not come on. We have confirmed that the light kit works, but not through the fan. The fan itself is having no issues. We have done all troubleshooting that we are aware of-light bulbs, wiring, switch, etc. What other causes may there be?

  17. I have a 4988D fan/light
    The light wont work. I changed the capacitor and the light pull chain switch and new bulbs. Nothing
    I did notice a discoloration on the white wire to the bulbs, checked the wire and seemed OK.
    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank You

  18. I have a new 99019 Casablanca Universal Handheld Remote that works fine then it stops working. The blue LED lights up when the remote is working but when the remote isn’t working the blue LED doesn’t light. If I remove the battery and then reinstall the battery the remote works again for awhile. Even tapping the remote has no effect. Replacing the battery with a new battery doesn’t help. I only have the fan connected to the remote, the light is directly connected to a wall switch. I have installed a few of these remotes connected this way for other people and they have worked fine for years.

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