How to Change Light Bulb in Casablanca Ceiling Fan

How to Change Light Bulb in Casablanca Ceiling Fan

Casablanca works under the umbrella of Hunter fans which designs ceiling fans and the motto of the company is “world’s finest ceiling fans”. We can argue with that whether they are the finest ones or not but we cannot say that Casablanca does not build high-quality ceiling fans.

Casablanca ceiling fans install halogen bulbs; when replacing the bulb some extra precautions should be considered.


  • 100-watt halogen bulb
  • Step ladder or step stool


Use a tissue or soft cloth to clean the bulb if you mistakenly touch it.


Avoid using your hands to touch the glass bulbs as it can result in a burn out bulb immediately.

  1. Before you get started, turn off the light switch. It is necessary for your safety. Let the bulb cool down so wait for a few minutes, if you turned it on recently. Halogen bulbs generate more heat as compared to incandescent bulbs.
  2. In order to move the locking tabs away, turn the glass dome counterclockwise a few inches. Step ladder can be used (when needed). Place the dome in a safe place.
  3. To unscrew the halogen bulb from the socket, twist it counterclockwise until it comes out. Get rid of the bulb.
  4. Install the new halogen bulb. Hold the replacement bulb from its base; do not hold it from the glass. Move the bulb clockwise until it settles there.
  5. Insert the glass dome into its place. Secure it by turning it clockwise until the three locking tabs are aligned.

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