Casablanca Ceiling Fan Manuals

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Manuals

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Manuals

Casablanca fans are at home in designing and manufacturing stunning ceiling fans. But fan installation is not possible without ceiling fan manual. Usually, Casablanca manuals come with the same box of the fan. They can be misplaced and it will be a hard nut to crack to find it. That is why we are sharing it.

Manuals provide useful information about the product you bought from store such has Hunter and HomeDepot. First of all, you should search it in the box of Casablanca fan if you have not found it then people search it online.

You can also get instructions from Customer Support of Casablanca but you need to find these things:

Casablanca fan manuals also have product information for future use.

As you know that Casablanca is the brand owned by Hunter fan company. You can contact the customer support number to get help. We are also going to share it in PDF format.

It will be added soon here

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3 thoughts on “Casablanca Ceiling Fan Manuals

  1. My Casablana Ceiling Fan/Light needs to be programmed so it functions.Model # W73 Product # 7801000/7854210
    Please advise the correct Settings.

  2. My Casablanca ceiling fan/light model #W62 remote needs to be reset. Please email me instructions for how to do so. Thank you

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