Casablanca Fan Company – Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Casablanca Fan Company – Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Casablanca Fan Company

Are you trying to get quality ceiling fans to cool your home down and get the quality air circulated?

If yes, then you are at the right place. Casablanca fan company is owned by Hunter fan company. They produce Casablanca ceiling fans which are available in a wide range of collections, styles, and finishes to make sure the best accessory for your house. It includes Antique white, Victorian bronze & Matte Black which can add style to your current décor. Casablanca ceiling fan company has accessories including light kits, blades, wireless remotes, wall controls and UL listed coatings to set them apart from other fixtures.

Casablanca ceiling fans give you wonderful air circulation whether it is in dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways or kitchens. In addition, their models have the ability to create great amount of cooling for outdoor areas including patios, gazebos, walkways and porches. The fixture is available to get some extra air by using fan blades, some of them also have lamps to improve the safety and lighting and they are attached to it. You can get a ceiling fan of this company in every room of your house, every desired style and uniqueness to make your home more beautiful from your neighbors or kith and kin.

Casablanca Ceiling Fans by Hunter Fans Company (Victorian Inspired)

In 1996, Hunter fan company had got Casablanca fan company and was fully merged with the brand in 2017. The founder of Casablanca company was Burton A. Burton and it came into existence in 1974 in Pomona, California, amidst of an energy crisis. Burton wanted to make something more than a ventilation device. The pattern of this company based on his love for Victorian age.

Every single fan was designed to be lightweight from the very beginning. It was something new to achieve at that time and to the date with the use of DC and flywheel motors. The design legacy of Burton is still available on plenty of Casablanca current collections. The unconventional vision and business approach of Burton pushed the company forward to success. Casablanca fan company was selling around 1 million dollar fans by 1975.

Casablanca Panama Ceiling Fans (54-inch Blades)

This ceiling fan has features including 54-inch blade span and powerful DC motor. It gives higher efficiency to a larger room and it is energy star qualified. In addition, it is in traditional style with three different finishes: Brush Cocoa, Brushed Nickel and Snow white for indoor-use.

Casablanca Panama ceiling fan parts are 3” downrod, five blades, six-speed hand held remote control along with light dimming feature and reversing, and DC motor of 120-volt. If you are looking for less costly version of this fan, it is also available without a remote with a standard motor which is less expensive.

Casablanca Stealth Ceiling Fans (DC Motors)

Casablanca stealth ceiling fan has a standard energy star motor which is quite. It has a contemporary design with an LED light kit. Both options either a remote control or wall with full range dimming in 120 volts.

It does not matter which motor you select, you will have the same style. Every option has five finishes: Industrial Rust, Aged Steel, Brushed Nickel with dark Walnut blades, fully snow white and Brushed Nickel with Platinum Veneer blades.

Casablanca fan company can fix your existing fan to make it more desirable.

9 thoughts on “Casablanca Fan Company – Casablanca Ceiling Fans

  1. I have a Casablanca ceiling fan with a handheld remote control Part. # 7601990/7454200. We have lost the battery cover plate and the battery continually falls out. Is there a replacement remote that we can use this fan?

  2. Hi. We have a Stealth Casablanca ceiling fan and cannot find the remote. The serial number appears to start with GC C16182 and on another line it’s stamped 32011R. Can you tell us what type of remote we need, and do you sell it?

  3. I bought a house with an installed Casablanca C9K66M Reverie Fan but they lost the W-73 remote,,, Where can I get a replacement w-73 remote..>>>>

  4. I have a Casablanca Four Seasons Ceiling Fan CB-4444T with its light kit and the Inteli-touch Wall switch. Due to a momentary rewiring mistake, the remote control fan feature continues to work, but, after some sparking inside the fan motor housing, the lights features do not work. What part needs or ??? to be replaced to regain the use of the Intelitouch remote lights control ? Please provide a Part Number or Parts Name. Thanks

  5. Hi,
    I have a Casablanca Stealth, model 32011R. The remote, model W-21 is broken.

    Will your universal remote, model 99020, work as a replacement?

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