Casablanca Ceiling Fan Parts – Replacement Parts

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Parts – Replacement Parts

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Parts – Replacement Parts

Getting a replacement part for your Casablanca ceiling fan is not a hard nut to crack. We shall try our best to get you the desired part you want to search. In order to find Casablanca ceiling fan part, you need to know the item/part number of that item. If you have the documents or manuals which come with the fan then try to find the part list there.

Another way to get a part is to contact the customer support of Hunter fan company. It is due to the fact that Hunter owns Casablanca company. Contact them to get the replacement of your broken or damaged part such as remote.

Before making a conversation about Casablanca ceiling fan parts online, you need to know about the model of the fan. It is an ideal thing to know the model number of your fan. Casablanca fan parts are also available on Amazon and Homedepot.

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Common Casablanca Replacement Parts

  • Light Kits – Low profile light kits
  • Ceiling fan blades – warped blades, bent blades
  • Casablanca ceiling fan remotes – Handheld and universal
  • Wall Controls
  • Motor replacement
  • Downrods
  • Globes and Shades
  • Capacitors
  • Mounting hardware

Picking the right fan for the home décor is not an easy task. In addition, you were not familiar with customization until Casablanca ceiling fan Company entered the market. The brand not only provides solution to the problems of its customers but also bring the ideas to life.

How to Customize Casablanca Ceiling Fan using Casablanca Parts

You need replacement parts to customize your ceiling fan. Casablanca ceiling fans make it possible in four steps, go through them.

Step 1: Select a Location

You can create a fan for three locations that is, inside, outside and outside/inside. It depends on your needs. The inside means the interior areas such as bedroom, den, kitchen, living room etc. The outside stands for areas such as Gazebo, porch, verandah which can be exposed to rain directly. Lastly, inside/outside locations which are known as covered areas exposed to moisture but not to the rain and sun.

Step 2: Choosing the Casablanca Motor

After choosing the location, you can select the motor from a wide range of motors for your Casablanca fan. The brand offers about seventeen designs of motors to use inside. In addition, they are all energy star rated and contain a 4-speed pull chain, universal wall control with optional remotes. They also have finishes such as Antique brass, Aged Bronze, Brushed Cocoa, Snow/Cottage white, Brushed Nickel etc.

The motors available for inside/outside areas are similar to those which are used in indoor. Casablanca offers six designs variants. Those are energy certified and damp rated with universal wall mount control, 4-speed pull chains and optional remotes.

Outdoor motors are energy star and wet rated with a 4-speed pull chain. Additionally, they are available in Maiden Bronze, Aged Bronze and Cottage White finishes.

Step 3: Choosing Casablanca Fan Blades

After selecting the motors, the next thing to select is fan blades. It depends on the selection of the type of motor and finish. Casablanca gives you recommendations on blades that will suit your designs and style. Blades in other colors are available as additional options.

The design of Outdoor ceiling fan blades is Espresso, Plantation Wicker and Halifax, in Distressed Mahogany, Black and Cocoa Mahogany finish. The rest of the styles are Cottage white and Snow White. These blades have the ability to cover a sweep of 52-54 inches or 58-60 inches depends on the design.

Inside/outside areas have fan blades of Walnut Carved Wood, Blackened Pecan Carved Wood blades. They have the ability to cover 52-54 inches, 54-56 inches and 58-60 inches locations.

Indoor blades are replete with the largest collection. Additionally, it has designs including River Timber, Mountain Timber, Burnt Walnut with the same sweep as for outdoor ones.

Step 4: Picking the Casablanca Light Kit

It depends on your choice, the fans are available with or without light kits feature. The lamp variants are CFL low profile, Incandescent Low profile, Bowl, Four lights and LED bowl. In addition, you also get to pick the finish or color of the glass shades for these lamps to complement the design of Casablanca fan.

Step 5: Selecting Casablanca Accessories

The brand of Casablanca has accessories including sloped ceiling adapters, extension down-rods, remote control for customized fan. The downrods can be used for ceiling higher than 9 feet. In addition, they can be configured in different lengths according to the actual height of the ceiling. Sloped ceiling adapters are built to support the fan from an angled ceiling that is, between 32-56 degrees. The handheld transmitter plus receiver of Casablanca allows you to convert any pull chain fan into a remote controlled one. It also gives you features like full range light dimming, four speed settings and safe exit.

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After completing the customization of Casablanca ceiling fan parts, the order can be sent to Casablanca fan. Each custom made fan gets a 120 days industry leading in home service warranty. Additionally, one year warranty on Casablanca replacement parts and electronics and a lifelong warranty on the motor as well.

21 thoughts on “Casablanca Ceiling Fan Parts – Replacement Parts

  1. Fan 6004d. This fan is about 40 years old
    The motor needs to be replaced.
    Is there a way to find one?
    The current new motors do not fit this old model

  2. I need a new pull chain switch for my Casablanca Outdoor Fan model number 55011. It also says catalog # 55011-530. Do you know how to get this ordered for me?

  3. Possible to replace the wall switch and receiver in our Casablanca 652T fan? Perhaps not with original equipment but something compatible?

  4. The variable potentiometer that controls fan speed on my 35 year old Casablanca fan has stopped working.
    it mounts on the side of the bottom. It is a small round device with a small plastic knob

    Are these available?

    I will look for a fan model number when I get home.

    Thanks Ron Cummings

  5. I am looking for a replacement motor for MOD 5919, CAT. NO. 59191-A01, is it available and what does it cost?

  6. I have the same question as Don Moe asked, & I didnt see a reply. I have a 20 yr old Casablanca 652T fan. Can you recommend replacements parts for the wall switch & receiver. I can not find any one who talks about parts for this. What ever will replace my original parts that will work would be fine.

  7. my ceiling fan (B 32-72), which I bought in 2008, makes noise both when it turns on and turns off. What is the problem, can I fix it and how much would it cost?

  8. I am having a problem with the light not staying on or it goes off after a few minutes and then the fan will come in and I only pressed the light switch. Is it the switch?

  9. Greetings. I need replacement flywheel for Casablanca slumber 3 delta 2 also need the screws to attach the blades. Thank you

  10. I have an older Casablanca fan that the round faceplate that the lights go through has ripped out where each light fixture goes through it. I assume from vibration but I don’t know for sure. Can I get a replacement plate?
    Model: Inteli Touch Zephr #1444T
    serial # LSO56O5

  11. I have a 19th Century, model 99076T. It has the Inteli Touch wall control. I need troubleshooting or possibly a new wall control as currently the light button will not turn off the lights. The lights will only go out via turning the entire power off. Any thoughts or suggestions?


  12. Looking for one replacement blade for my Casablanca Malibu Fishing Pole Blade ceiling fan ? Any ideas? Thanks !

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