Casablanca Fans Customer Service – Phone Number & Contact

Casablanca Fans Customer Service – Phone Number & Contact

Casablanca Fans Customer Service

If you want to contact the customer service of Casablanca, you will get the contact number below to contact them. We are here to provide you the relevant information about this brand. If you are unable to fix the problem with the Casablanca ceiling fan, you can leave your problem in the comment section.

You may want to ask these questions from Casablanca fan customer support:

  • How will I get the warranty support from the brand?
  • I need a Casablanca ceiling fan part, where to buy one?
  • Is my fan problem getting a warranty?
  • How to get customer service from Casablanca for my ceiling fan problems?

Casablanca Fans Customer Service Phone Number & Contact

Casablanca ceiling fans company gives in-home service for 120 days (4 months), 1-year for fan parts and Electronics. They have trained employees to provide you the best service. Casablanca Fans customer service phone number is 1-800-714-0393, dial it to get the local authorized service center. If in-home services are unavailable in your region, they will ask you to send the fan to the Casablanca factory service center. The company will repair it and return it without any cost.

Casablanca Fans Service Centers

The service centers of Casablanca fans are available and you need to find the nearest one. It is better you find the model number of your fan before contacting Casablanca fans customer support. They are usually available on the top of the fan. At times, it is available on the bottom cap of the fan.

Here is the link where you can find a Casablanca service center near you to get support.

By contacting them, you can claim the warranty for Casablanca fans. If you are experiencing any problem regarding finding a replacement part, they can help you in this regard. In short, they are the answer to your troubles.

How do I contact Casablanca Fan Company?

You can contact Casablanca fan company by simply dialing 1-800-714-0393 to contact your local authorized service center.

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22 thoughts on “Casablanca Fans Customer Service – Phone Number & Contact

  1. I have a Casabianca ceiling fan with 3-piece light ring—Model # 66H44F; Serial Number DPP28; Panama Halo 4SP # .

    Lamps have finally died. Do you carry replacements in the Denver, Co. area?

    Tom Noonan

  2. I would like to buy 2 of the discontinued Casablanca Mission Fans. Any prospect of making them again?

  3. Hello,
    Our Stealth fan, model 3245A with Advan-Touch remote, is about 15 years old. It worked ok at first, but it slowly became less and less responsive to the remote over the years. Now it will no longer respond to any commands. We have no wired-in wall controls.
    We have tried turning off the circuit breaker for about 30 seconds, and then turning it back on and pressing both fan speed buttons simultaneously. We also changed the dip switches using the same method, but neither method was successful.
    The remote is working properly because it operates the same model fan in another room.
    The fan is 12 feet off the floor and not easily accessible. Are there any other home troubleshooting methods we can try?

  4. in search of glass or if not the whole light kit for Casablanca (le grande) model # 85U84
    serial # EM 230070 we believe Light fixture # is KG1Z – Thanks

  5. Looking for 5 replacement blades for a Casablanca Fan. We believe the fan is about 10 years old. The blades are matte white or white. The blades are approximately 20 3/4 inch long. I’ve been looking for replacement blades don’t see any with 4 holes in the blade. All seem to have three. Would appreciate some help.

  6. I am looking for a glass cover for my casablanca ceiling fan light the model # is 84U11D
    i bought it in 2005

  7. Trying to find a discontinued (new or pre-owned in good shape) Casablanca Chandelier C16G73L light. I bought one new a few years back and would like a second one.

  8. Hello we have 3 Casablanca outdoor fans # KG2W-49 120 V 1 glass broke do you have a replacement glass even if not identical one that will fit?

  9. I have a Casablanca Model Number W73 Fan I assume I got this from the remote the bottom light recently stopped working but I cannot get the globe off to replace the light bulb how do I replace the bulb.

  10. I have a 30 yr old Casablance Slumber three Delta II Serial # AY09285. The lights have stopped working. Perhaps the switch has gone bad? Do you carry parts for this fan? Thanks, John

  11. I bought a new house The Casablanca C9K66M Reverie Fan with a 3-Speed ceiling fan with Forward/Reverse & Light Dimming with Memory remote W-73 is missing. The fan was last set to DIMMEST possible setting and all the lights do is STROBE. I need a w-73 remote where???? HOW???

  12. My ceiling fan with light and wall control remote is not working properly. The light will be on for 10 seconds and then automatically turns off. I hit the power again and it will turn on, but then turn off again after a few seconds. It was working properly for the first month of installment and just started.

  13. I have 2 older Casablanca fan. (Searched all over for a model number to no avail.) It is probably 25 years old and has been out of service, but worked when we took it down. I need 2 mounting brackets and kits, 2, 12″ down rods in aged dark brass, 8 glasses, 2, remote receivers, 1 remote transmitter. (can I operated both fans off of one transmitter?) Please help.

  14. Trying to replace an old “SATURN” fan/light with a W-11 wall control, but can not find any information about the wiring that would have been used for that old fan. Is there any way to get a manual with wiring instructions for that old fan. It has 1 wall control box with the W11, but there is only one “circuit” with a black and white wire which hook up to the controller in that wire box. Trying to figure out how the device gets its primary electrical power.

  15. Casablanca 6344Z Victorian 54″ Ceiling Fan ( brushed brass)
    The motor is inoperative and I would like to replace it
    I’m assuming the light kit is still workable along with the blade.
    How might I do this?
    Thank you

  16. I have 5 Casablanca’s indoor fans that I bought 30 years ago, they are in wonderful condition, only one
    the switch doesn’t work, I need your help, since I no longer have the papers with the model number. I love my Casablanca fans, I need help to find the proper switch please!!!

  17. I have a 55026 fan that I installed but I need a smaller set of blades , I’ve been told that this model has been discontinued , I was looking for a set of 42″ blades in maple finish .

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